Protect your skin

{} If you are planning to run in the 7th Annual Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer Run, remember to protect your skin.{} Melissa Hewitt from St. Vincent's 119 is an expert.{} She says to make sure in cold weather, that you put a nice barrier between you and the elements.{}{} A nice heavy cream before a run is a good idea on a cold windy day.

{}The cold weather can do a number on your skin. It can cause it to dry out and get chapped.{} If you're a runner, it can be especially painful.

Melissa Hewitt from the St. Vincent's 119 Spa has some good advice, especially if you are training for the Conquer Cancer Run at the end of this month..

Melissa Hewitt: " You want to make sure you put on a sunscreen just like you do in the summer. If your just going to and from the car to and from work.... You can get by with a 10 to 15 spf... But if you're gonna be outside for any length of time you need to have a 30 SPF.

And now your skin will be ready for the Conquer Cancer Run at the end of this month.{} It's January 29th at 8 am at St. Vincent's 119.AND NOW YOUR SKIN WILL BE READY FOR THE CONQUER CANCER RUN AT THE END OF THIS MONTH.... JANUARY 29TH AT 8AM... AT ST. VINCENT'S 119.