Pulmonary Tuberculosis identified in Tuscaloosa restaurant

On July 12, Alabama Department of Public Health officials notified the management of the Subway Restaurant at 4416 Skyland Boulevard East in Tuscaloosa of plans to investigate a case of pulmonary tuberculosis. {}The case of TB was identified in an employee of the establishment. {}ADPH and Subway say they are working closely to ensure the restaurant employees will be screened quickly.

Doctor Albert White is an area health officer for Public Health Area 3. {}He stated, "Patrons of Subway should not be alarmed as TB is not transmitted through food or utensils. {}As with all cases of TB in Alabama, ADPH will implement precautionary testing, investigation and control measures."

TB is a treatable and preventable airborne disease. {}Persons who were in close contact will be rapidly assessed, according to ADPH, and appropriate measures taken. {}Only those people who were in close contact with the individual with the TB diagnosis will need to be tested, we are told. {}"Close contact" is defined generally as spending an extended amount of time with the subject in a physically close environment.