Punt, Bama, Punt call ready for your phone

A favorite passion of diehard football fans is to relive unforgettable moments from some games. In Alabama, few plays are as famous as the one in the 1972 Iron Bowl game that has come to be known as the Punt, Bama, Punt game.

To set the scene from 40 years ago, Alabama had a 10-0 season under Coach Bear Bryant. The Tide was a 16-point favorite coming into the game. With 10 minutes to go, the score was 16-0 Bama. Then a field goal and two blocked punts changed everything!

Gary Sanders was the radio play-by-play announcer. His famous call of the second blocked punt is one never forgotten. "Auburn going after it, here's the good is blocked! It is blocked! It's caught on the run! It's caught on the run and he's gonna score!

Sanders has now turned that call into a ringtone in honor of the game's 40th anniversary. You can find it here.

Sanders gave an exclusive interview to Edward Burch. See it Friday afternoon on focus@4.