Punxsutawney Phil's translator takes the blame

With the possibility of a lawsuit looming against Punxsutawney Phil for his errant prediction of an early spring, his translator is now taking the heat.

On Groundhog Day 2013, the prognosticating groundhog didn't see his shadow, which supposedly meant that spring would arrive early this year.

Ohio prosecutor Mike Gmoser has had enough, though. He's filed a fake lawsuit that claims Phil did not see his shadow "purposely, and with prior calculation and design."

Gmoser says Phil that, since Phil is already behind bars serving a life sentence, the death penalty is the only alternative.

Bill Deeley, the President of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club's Inner Circle, now says that Phil correctly predicted six more weeks of winter last month - but it was he who mistakenly announced that an early spring was coming because misinterpreted Phil's "groundhog-ese."

Gmoser says he's reconsidering the charges now that Deeley has taken the blame.