Putting heart problems on ice

If you or someone in{} your family is an athlete, you know ice can be your best friend.{} At the ball park the first thing moms do if a player is injured is run for a bag of ice.{} So why not use ice in the case of a heart attack too?{}{} Actually at St. Vincent's East, Dr. Thompson believes the hypothermia treatment can save lives.{}

{}{}{}{} The patients who are eligible are patients who've had a heart attack and are in a coma.{} The bottom line is the cooling of the body can help prevent certain problems with the brain after a heart attack.

{}{}{} This is not a recommendation for you to use at home.{}{} The patient needs to be carefully{} monitored and not be cooled too quickly, or warmed too quickly either.{} But for doctors who are using this method of helping to reduce injuries after a heart attack,{} they are seeing great success stories.

{}{} Check out our latest podcast to see how this hypothermia treatment works.