Qualifying candidates for Birmingham mayoral, city council, school board races

The election season for the Birmingham mayoral, city council and school board races is underway.

The last day to qualify to run in the election is Friday, July 12.

ABC 33/40 will maintain an updated list of candidates as they qualify. The following information is provided by the supervisor of elections for Jefferson County. *Names listed as they will appear on the ballot*


William A. Bell, Sr.

Stephannie Sigler Huey

Kamau Afrika

Adlai M Trone

Pat Bell



District 1- Pat Davis, Lashunda Scales, Keith Rice

District 2--Kim Rafferty, Rolanda Hollis, Bart Slawson, Richard Rutledge, Neil Shah, Everett W Wess

District 3- Valerie A{}Abbott

District 4- Edward Maddox, Maxine Herring Parker

District 5-{}Johnathan Fitzgerald Austin, Robert Walker

District 6- James L. Stewart, John (JC) Harris,{}Keith Aaron{}, Latanya Millhouse, Willis H. (Buddy) (Mickey Mouse) Hendrix, Michael R. Morrison, Sheila Tyson

District 7- James Roberson Jr. (Jay), Gary Bruce Lavender

District 8 - Steven W.{}Hoyt, Gerri Robinson

District 9- Leroy Bandy, Angene Coleman, Marcus Lundy, David Russell, Ellen{}H.{}Spencer, Eric Hall


District 1- Tyrone H. Belcher Sr., Green E. Calhoun Jr., Sherman Collins Jr.,{}Douglas Lee Ragland, Jerry Tate

District 2- Lyord Watson, Virginia Volker

District 3- Brian Giattina

District 4 - Rodney Huntley, Daagye Hendricks, Gwen P. Sykes

District 5 -{}Randall Woodfin, Martha Casey McDowell

District 6 - Cheri A.{}Gardner, Ervin Philemon Hill, Sr., Joy A. Smith, Lavon Beard, Gwendolyn Thomas Bell

District 7 - Wardine T.{}Alexander, Darius Moore

District 8 -{}April Myers Williams, Antwon B Womack, Patricia Bozeman-Henderson

District 9 - Emanuel B. Ford, Sandra K. Brown

As of Friday, July 12 4:30 p.m.