Questionable Skin Cream Claims

That expensive skin cream may not help turn back the clock as L'Oreal's Lancome has claimed.

The maker of Lancome's Genifique skin cream has received a caution from the Food and Drug Administration for what the FDA calls, "exaggerated claims".

The agency issued a warning letter to cosmetics giant L'Oreal SA stating the exaggerated claims made on its website for Genifique skin cream suggest that the product is a drug with medical properties.

That warning letter went to L'Oreal's Lancome unit on Friday.

Lancome makes the claim that Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate "boosts the activity of genes" and contains elements that "stimulate cell regeneration to reconstruct skin to a denser quality".

The FDA says, only drugs are allowed to make such claims and Lancome has not provided data sufficient to market Genifique as a drug.

L'Oreal has 15 business days in which to respond to regulators with a plan to adjust the language in the ad.