Quotes from Eddie Lacy and other Alabama players after Florida Atlantic win

RB Eddie Lacy rushed for 106 yards on 15 carries.

Alabama Athletic Communications released post-game quotes from a few Alabama players after a 40-7 victory over Florida Atlantic.

Eddie Lacy, Running back

On setting the tone offensively:

"Offensively, the offensive line, they came out, they were ready, they played physical, they opened up the holes for all of the backs, and the wide outs, they blocked downfield, and as running backs we were able to find the holes and make the plays and able to get the yards."

On scoring quickly on offense, as in the 85-yard touchdown catch by Kenny Bell:

"We did start off with a few bad plays, but offensively we were able to come out, whether it was two-minute, or just basically moving the ball downfield, we had a great drive, and it ended great too."

Vinnie Sunseri, Safety

On setting the tone defensively:

"Coach Saban just really stresses on shredding blockers and to be intense for the first part of the game and to just try to set a tone for the rest of the game, and that's what we try to do. We try to be a physical team, and the teams we're playing right now are giving us a bunch of looks, and we're just coming out and trying to play with great intensity."

On what the defense needs to do to get better:

"We just listen to the coaches. The coaches have been putting us in great situations to succeed. We have just been trying to do the best we can in the secondary."

Kenny Bell, Wide receiver

On how the game went offensively, a quick start for Alabama:

"The game started out very good for us, even though we had a couple of miscues. I felt like as an offensive group, we did play harder and executed really well. "

On scoring quickly against Western Kentucky and scoring even faster today (setting the tone offensively):

"As an offense, we believe in scoring quick and finishing strong, so that's what we did today."

On the 85-yard touchdo

"I feel like the 85-yard touchdown set the momentum for the offense. That's when we started clicking from there."

Dee Milliner, Cornerback

On the defensive performance overall:

"We came out and had a good day today. We executed our game plan like we were supposed to. I wish we could have had more turnovers, but I think we played well as a whole team, so I think we did great."

On keeping other teams off the scoreboard:

"We try to pride ourselves always on people not scoring on our defense. We try to get zero and have no one score on us. That's a big accomplishment for us. But they got in, at the end, one touchdown, but we still had a great game."