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      Quotes from Emory Blake and Clint Moseley after Auburn's loss to Arkansas

      Clint Moseley struggled against Arkansas in the second half of Auburn's loss.

      Auburn wide receiver Emory Blake had a great individual performance in the 24-7 loss to Arkansas on Saturday, but admitted after the game that the offense as a whole didn't perform well.

      Here are his post-game quotes:

      On the game...

      "Defense played pretty well, and we didn't do our job." Blake said.

      On his involvement in the game...

      "We just threw it more. They were really focused on stopping the run. We felt like their weakness was their secondary, which it was, we just didn't take advantage of it."

      On the touchdown play...

      "A lot of teams know that when Sammie (Coates) comes in the game we try to go deep, so Sammie ran the deep ball and I came out and ended up being open."

      On the upcoming road games...

      "Everything. We just need to get better as a group."

      Quarterback Clint Moseley saw his first action of the year after Keihl Frazier was benched at halftime.{} Moseley threw two interceptions in the second half and a touchdown.{}

      Here are his post-game quotes:

      On finding out he was going into the game...

      "He called us in at half time. He told me I was going to start."

      On post-game conversation with Loeffler...

      "He said that we are sticking together. This is the time where you find out the type of character you have. This is the type of situation where it is really hard to be a man. It's so easy to take the easy way out, but you can't do that, especially as the quarterback. We're not far off, it's just a play here and there."

      Reaction on performance coming off a bye week...

      "It's definitely disappointing and surprising. It's something that we worked so hard on, to not do. We focused and had good practices. It really comes down to us not executing. I definitely put myself at the top of that list. It was the right calls, just bad throws."

      On the pressure by Arkansas defense...

      "They gave the line a little trouble. There were times where we needed to throw the ball away.{} It's things like throwing it near a receiver that we have got to work on. It's not all line. It's something that we need to take responsibility for as quarterbacks, me and Kiehl. We need to get the ball out instead of having a negative play, third and 17 or 20. Third and 10 is manageable."