Quotes from Notre Dame's Brian Kelly following arrival in South Florida (photos)

Kelly waiting to leave the Ft. Lauderdale Airport on a Notre Dam team bus. (

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly spoke with the media following his team's arrival at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport on Wednesday. The Fighting Irish will battle Alabama in Miami's Sun Life Stadium for the BCS National Championship on Monday night.

Quotes from Kelly:

Opening remark:

"Getting on the plane, we finally realized the fact that we are going to play a football game. Everybody was just anxious to get here. The way the Orange Bowl Committee puts this together, it's special once you get here."

On the welcome reception:

"This is my first time in a national championship game and I don't know if this is commonplace, but with Notre Dame we have an incredible following just on a day-to-day basis. I think when we pulled up, all of the people looking out the window were pretty much amazed to see the kind of draw that this game has."

On climate adjustment:

"Well certainly we were indoors most of the time, so there will be some acclimatization; we're going to have to get out there and practice and sweat it out. But our guys are in great condition and great shape so I think a couple days outside and we'll be fine."

On the team's mindset:

"We want to have fun while we're here too. It's a business trip. There's no question we're here to play the game, but I want our guys relaxed. They've done all the work, we've got some practices that we've got to take care of, but I want them relaxed and ready to play."

On whether or not being an underdog has motivated the team:

"I can't say it has. I think each and every week they take it the same way and don't prepare any differently. They've read all the papers but they don't think much about that. They just go to work and prepare the best they can."

On the length of this break:

"Well I think it has been a long time, but we've kept our guys engaged and they know the game is going to be played. Now they're excited and want play the game. They've done a great job of holding back and really what we're trying to do is peak at the right time."

On whether or not the team is excited:

"Absolutely. They're going to play a national championship game in Miami. Its not like any trip that they've had before; it's not like any trip that I've had before. So it was in the anticipation that when we got on the buses at the airport that they were really excited about this trip. It's something that you dream about when you play this game and when you coach this game."

On if he has a speech ready for the team:

"You know, I just go with the moment, I don't have anything planned. I have to sense the team: are they anxious, are they excited, are they loose? I'll test that when we get to the locker room and then figure out what needs to happen."