Radio Announcer gives details on what happened at Walker-Culllman game

Radio announcer Jimmy Dale Burgess gave insight on the brawl he witnessed between the coaches Friday night.

"I think it's a nightmare for the fans to see coaches doing that," said Burgess.

The WFMH announcer said the rivals played a competitive game. Cullman scored a touchdown seconds left to seal a 13-10 win.That's when Burgess said tempers flared.

"This is as bad as it can get in high school football. It can't get any worse than this," said Burgess."Hooper was under a pile of people and I think that's what may be more alarming to Cullman fans. Only a few people really know what went on in that pile," said Burgess.

Coach Holladay declined to comment about the fight but did say right now he's not doing so well. Holladay is currently on administrative leave. Now, the AHSAA is investigating and will meet to discuss the case Tuesday at 1pm.

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