Rafferty ready to approve Mayor Bell's budget

"It's very aggravating," Birmingham City Councilwoman, Kim Rafferty, said.

Rafferty says the ongoing, back-and-forth between the mayor's office and council is getting

"Tremendously," she said. "I've spent a lot of time working, trying to come to a middle ground, but you can't get one side to the table and then you can't get the other side to the table and then everybody's all hot air and bluster and nothing ends up happening."

The issue at hand is the city budget. Or lack there of.

"The focus of everything has been non-profit and personal," Rafferty said. "It's not about creating a budget that is responsible."

But after weeks of concerns, Mayor William Bell says he's ready to offer up a new, modified budget.

"[The budget] has been modified to take into account some of the issues and concerns that council members have," Bell said, Thursday.

But Bell's office, Friday, told ABC 33/40 that 98 percent of it is the original budget, with little to no funding for non-profits and raises for city employees.

Council members say they expect to receive the budget Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Rafferty says after all the stress she's ready to approve.

"I tried very hard to give the council a chance to come together and actually discuss it," Rafferty said. "And when we failed to do so on Wednesday that left me no choice but to support the mayor's version of the budget."

The modified budget is expected to be on the agenda for Tuesday's City Council meeting.