Ragland High School remembers Kristan Cox

Students signed a poster with Kristan Cox's picture on it in remembrance of their former classmate. (

Sobs still echo in the hallways of Ragland High School as students remember their fallen classmate Kristan Cox. 3 students were involved a fatal wreck Monday.

"It's tough on these kids, but it's a good time also," said ABC agent, Lt. Mike{}Reese "There could be a silver lining from this. When the issue is fresh we can show kids how dangerous it is to make bad decisions"

Wednesday, Reese lead a " Scared Straight"-like program called Operation Save Our Teens at Ragland High-- in memory of Cox. He{}reminded students of the dangers of drugs, alcohol , bullying ,distracted driving, and speeding. The assembly was supposed to be held Thursday, but was shifted to Wednesday.

Cox, only 16-years old ,was a backseat passenger in a car with 2 other teens. Police say a 16 year old driver lost control of the car and hit a tree.{}Investigators say speed is a prime factor in the fatal wreck.

"Y'all do stupid things, stupid" Reese told a crowd of students and parents. He told his audience it is important to learn from mistakes.

Cox's funeral is set for 2 p.m. on Thursday at Ragland's Hardin's Chapel.{}