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      Ragland High School remembers Kristan Cox

      Students signed a poster with Kristan Cox's picture on it in remembrance of their former classmate. (abc3340.com)

      Sobs still echo in the hallways of Ragland High School as students remember their fallen classmate Kristan Cox. 3 students were involved a fatal wreck Monday.

      "It's tough on these kids, but it's a good time also," said ABC agent, Lt. Mike{}Reese "There could be a silver lining from this. When the issue is fresh we can show kids how dangerous it is to make bad decisions"

      Wednesday, Reese lead a " Scared Straight"-like program called Operation Save Our Teens at Ragland High-- in memory of Cox. He{}reminded students of the dangers of drugs, alcohol , bullying ,distracted driving, and speeding. The assembly was supposed to be held Thursday, but was shifted to Wednesday.

      Cox, only 16-years old ,was a backseat passenger in a car with 2 other teens. Police say a 16 year old driver lost control of the car and hit a tree.{}Investigators say speed is a prime factor in the fatal wreck.

      "Y'all do stupid things, stupid" Reese told a crowd of students and parents. He told his audience it is important to learn from mistakes.

      Cox's funeral is set for 2 p.m. on Thursday at Ragland's Hardin's Chapel.{}