Railroad Park murder trial underway

Arguments and testimony continue in the Justin Jones murder trial. Jones, 18, is accused of killing Jarmaine Walton, 15, in Railroad Park last year. In court Tuesday, the jury heard from Linda Jewel with Ion 247, a security company. The company manages and operates 14 security cameras in Railroad Park. Images and video from the cameras show a group of young men gathered together at the time of the shooting. Someone in the video appears to be shot, then drops to the ground and people began to run, however, none of the cameras in the park got video of the actual incident. 20 year old Ja' Houston Wesley also testified. He said Jones and his gang "The Trapp Boys" approached him as he and a young lady were engaged in a heated exchange. He said Jones asked what was going on. He explained that he and the girl were arguing. He said Jones turned away, pulled out a gun, and began to fire wildly. Jones' attorney challenged Houston suggesting Houston's account was fabricated because he was trying to keep himself out of jail and because he and Jones were not on good terms. The jury was allowed to ask Houston questions regarding his testimony. Family members for the suspect and victim were in the courtroom Tuesday. ABC 33/40's Larry Miller is also in the courtroom and will have more on the news at 5 p.m.{}