Railroad Park shooting victim's family remembers his life


Family and friends are mourning the loss of 15 year old Jarmaine Walton. He was fatally shot Sunday night in Railroad Park. {}The suspect is still on the loose, but while the family waits for justice, tonight, they remembered his life at the place where he died. Losing her son in Railroad Park was heartbreak. But being back in the place he died was too much for Jarmaine Walton's mother and a friend who spoke at the vigil.{}"I taught him how to skateboard over there," Jarmaine's friend said. "I was out here with him that night. I wish I could have done something.""He was turning his life around," Patricia Pickett, his Aunt said. "Jarmaine had a job interview that he was supposed to go to on Tuesday. He did not get the opportunity to do that."A teacher who knew Jarmaine told us, he stood out among the other students..."He interacted with his teachers very well, always engaging and smiling. He loved his peers," Teresa Hodoh, a teacher said."Oh I was devastated," Hodoh said. "That's another slain young boy, life being taken from us in such a short time. I cried. It hurt from within. That's a Council school member family."Family and friends are hoping someone will find the person responsible."We're just pleading for anyone who knew anything to come forward," Pickett said.An uncle used this vigil to serve as a lesson - he brought his nephew so he could understand how violence ends.{}"I told him the other day, life is about choices," he said. "Either we are going to make good choices or bad choices. Life is about memories. Either they are going to be good memories or bad memories. So right now, let's start making good memories and good choices."Birmingham Police Sgt. Johnny Williams says so far, no arrests have been made. They are asking anyone with information call Crime Stoppers at 254-7777.


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