Raise unlikely for school employees next year

TripPittman, the chairman of a Senate education budget committee, said Tuesday araise for school employees appears unlikely in the fiscal year that begins in October2015.{} Teachers got a 2 percent raise inthe fiscal 2014 budget that took effect Tuesday.

Pittman alsosaid repaying the education budget's debt to the states Rainy Day Fund is apriority for fiscal 2015 because it's required by state law.{} Pittman says debt and other obligations,including increased health insurance costs, will likely use up extra money inthe fiscal 2015 budget.

Pittmanand House budget committee Chairman Bill Poole of Tuscaloosa held a newsconference Tuesday to discuss their commitment to repaying the Rainy Day Fundon time.{} Poole said it's too early torule out any expenditure for fiscal 2015.