Raw sewage flooding homes and yards

Monday morning's flood left people across Alabama with flooded yards and homes. In Bessemer, one family's yard didn't just get flooded - it's full of raw sewage. The waste is coming up from the ground and onto their property creating, not just a smelly situation, but a health hazard."Every time we get a heavy rain, we get an overflow of sewage," Lester Kizziah, a homeowner said.Lester Kizziah's family has lived on 4th avenue for 7 years."It can't be too healthy," he said. "When the water is flowing around this thing and it's just gushing out. This is what we have -you can see the toilet paper."The sewer is overflowing up from the manholes onto his lawn - toilet paper, even feminine products are left floating on his grass."When it started raining - my gosh what is that?" Kizziah said.The county environmental department put a sign in his yard, but so far, no one has fixed the problem."I think the pipes are too small," he said. "There's so much rain water and sewage and it has no place to go so it comes {}up."His neighbors are dealing with this too..."You can see the green trucks over there now," Kizziah said. "You can see the green trucks over there now - They're pumping water out of his house."The sewage leaked inside their home. They were too busy with the mess to talk to us on camera, but everyone's concern here, their health. "That's my fear - you're driving across, into the garage, you're walking in it, driving your lawn mower in it."'This is the best country in the world - the United States - and we have sewer water on our lawns," Kizziah said.We also talked with the Jefferson County Health Department. They told us they will investigate this week.