Reaction from Railroad Park visitors following arrest of shooting suspect

Justin Jones

Safety has been a big concern in Railroad Park in the weeks since the shooting. Regular police patrols have eased the minds of some park patrons.

Shaheed Tawheed says, "The fact someone loses a child in a public place where you would not think it would be dangerous for you to come to a park, is real sad."

Since the tragic shooting of Jarmaine Walton in Railroad Park, many people who have continued to frequent the area have been looking out for each other's safety.

The extra police presence has also been a plus. Lamarcus Bouyer says, "Birmingham police officers have been out here daily.. morning, noon and night patrolling and taking care of everybody."

Despite the extra security, some still had their reservations. But news Tuesday of a shooting suspect in custody is now giving many peace of mind. Chanquis Nettles says, "I can probably come out more often now not being afraid to. That's definitely good."

Bouyer says, "I feel good about it, knowing people can see that since somebody is in custody they can rest easier. More folks can start coming back out knowing the situation is being taken care of."

Many people refused to let the shooting, keep them from enjoying Railroad Park and all the growth around it.

A man who identified himself only as Daniel says, "The fact they finally got the person, that's great. Now we got the baseball stadium here, I don't think anybody needs to be worried about coming up here to Railroad Park."

City leaders have told us the park is safe, even at night. It has thirty one high tech security cameras watching 24-hours a day, along with patrols both in and out of the park.