Rebuilt Pleasant Grove Home

Has it really been six months since the tornadoes ripped through our state?

Tonight at six o'clock I went live from Pleasant Grove.

Some houses have been repaired, others are still sitting ravaged from the storm.

But there are new homes springing up as well. Many of the new homes are bigger than the houses that once stood on those lots.

But just over my shoulder, as I was preparing to go live, I saw a lady gardening. She was carefully raking and planting and placing a brand new pumpkin.

Upon closer inspection, It looked like the home had been rebuilt. Between the five and six o'clock newscasts, I went down to talk to her.

Her name is Mary Freeburg. She was ecstatic that her home was looking so good. It had in fact just been rebuilt. She invited me in to see the beautiful new inside. She was so proud that her original wood floor remained.

It was beautiful. But what is even more beautiful was to see her smile. She was beaming with happiness and excitement.

I thought her tending her garden and hoping for new growth was something she hoped would spread throughout her neighborhood.

I asked her if she had moved in? She explained the new power pole had just been put in and she didn't have electricity yet so she wasn't going to stay that night.

With her job well done in the garden, she left for the day.

Then just before the 6 O'clock news ended I noticed a light go on just outside of her new home. The power had just been turned on. Mary, the power is on and it's time to go home.

God Bless!