Record gun permits issued in Calhoun Co.

A record turnout at the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office for a course on gun safety took place last week.

That same day, more than 150 people requested concealed carry permits. Sheriff Larry Amerson says, more citizens are wanting to get these permits, for personal protection.

Amerson confirmed the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office issued more than 150 concealed carry gun permits in just one day, last Thursday.{}

On average, the department used to issue 80 permits in one week.

Amerson attributes the spike in permit applications to the holidays and many citizens needing a permit renewal.{}

Amerson said he also thought the school shooting in Connecticut, the shooting of Heflin police officer Jackie Stovall in Oxford and recent media reports on guns could be a contributing factor.

Amerson says he's pleased people want to learn how to safely use a gun to protect themselves.

However, he says to always contact law enforcement in the event of an emergency,