Recycle your old phone books


Do you have a few old phone books shoved in your desks and drawers? {}If so, you can support the Tuscaloosa City and County school systems by donating old phone books to Project ReDirectory to be recycled. {}Project ReDirectory is a program sponsored by the YP Real Yellow Pages that rewards the top three performing schools and individual students in each school system.{}Winning schools will be selected based on the number of phone books collected per student enrolled. First, second and third place schools in each system will receive $1,000, $600 and $400, respectively. Individual high school and middle school students will be entered in a drawing for Beats by Dre headphones by collecting 10 phone books. {}Elementary students collecting 100 or more phone books will win a City of Tuscaloosa Environment Services Department's stuffed mascot, Little Ricky, and prizes from YP Real Yellow Pages.Students attending private schools or home schooling can collect phone books for the individual prizes by contacting and obtaining authorized collection forms from the Environmental Services Department. {}Deadline for donation is Friday, March 1.{}