Red Cross offers workshops to keep you "Red Cross Ready"

The American Red Cross is offering free workshops throughout the state to emphasize being "Red Cross Ready".

Since April 27, 2011, when the state of Alabama was devastated by tornadoes, the American Red Cross has been continuously working to get communities back on track through long-term recovery committees involving a number of charities and agencies around the state. This new workshop, "Coping in Today's World: Psychological First Aid and Resilience for Family, Friends and Neighbors," is designed to help combat fears, increase resilience, and build on existing strengths. It focuses on the psychological impact of the 2011 tornados.

The first workshop will be from 9am to 1pm on Saturday, July 28th, at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Pratt City. Specially trained and licensed counselors will teach participants how to identify stress symptoms and how to cope with life's everyday challenges. All participants will also receive a resource handbook to keep. Anyone taking part in the workshop must be at least 18 years old.

The American Red Cross recovery planning and assistance grant is sponsoring this class. The grant is to ensure that all needs are met and communities are on track for recovery. The workshop hopes to reach 1,300 residents, or 10% of the affected population in the state of Alabama. The American Red Cross wants to help people learn how to cope with the stress and hardship caused by the April storms and other disasters.

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church is located at 316 Avenue U, Birmingham, AL. Any person who would like to attend should RSVP no later than July 27, 2012 to{}For more information on the workshops, visit