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      Red-Light camera now means business

      {}{} Everyday, Stephen Miller pulls into the 15th Street & 6th Avenue intersection knowing he's being watched by a red-light camera, but he doesn't like.{} "It's the fact, you can be charged with a crime and you don't even have an accuser," says Miller.

      {}{} The camera has been up in front of McDonald's for more than month.

      {}{}{}At first, it was a test run to give drivers a chance to break habits of running the red lights.

      {}{}{}But, now the camera captures violators and mails owners of the vehicle $110 ticket.{} "A cop should give you a ticket, and not some kind of machine," expressed Miller.

      {}{}{} City leaders have said the camera is a safety measure because a number of drivers constantly run the lights at the intersection.

      {}{}{} Mitchell Carruthers likes having the camera.{} He and friends live nearby .{} They say the camera has already helped make the intersection more pedestrian friendly. "People run this red light and trying to cross here is dangerous."{} "People speed through this intersection, so it helps a lot that has slowed down a bunch and I haven't heard much tires squealing.."

      {}{}{} While some drivers say they're glad the red light camera is finally being enforced others say they believe it may eventually cause more harm than good. "You come on a yellow light and say ah man I'm going to fast, you're going to have somebody slam on their brakes just because they don't want to get a ticket, just because they know that's there," explained Miller

      {}{} However, Carruthers says "I think they'll catch on really quickly and that they won't speed as much because there are still actual consequences."

      {} The 15th Street camera is currently the only one installed in Tuscaloosa so far.{}{} Cameras could be placed at seven other intersections.