Red light photo enforcement camera in Tuscaloosa

Red light cameras have become a controversial issue across the country.

Now, the cameras sparking strong opinions are coming to Tuscaloosa. The first camera is not activated yet -- but it's already raising eyebrows. Police say more will follow to keep the city.. a safer place to drive.

Down the road, running the red light at 15th Street and 6th Avenue East will cost you..

Tracy Jones says, "That kind of stinks, 110-dollars. It's consequences you have to pay."

The first of Tuscaloosa's new red light cameras is now in place at the busy intersection but it won't be activated until August First. John Barnett says, "Until you told me, I didn't know it was there."

Fines would have racked up Monday. Our news camera caught not one.. not two.. but several violators. Jones says "I guess it will be okay, it will prevent accidents from happening."

One driver told us, "It would advise people to slow down when coming through."

Tuscaloosa Police say this camera and others will be near problem intersections to make the city a safer place to drive.. but not everyone thinks it's necessary.

Fenae Pope says, "it's A little bit absurd." Barnett says, "I'm completely against having them."

Derrick Merriweather says, "I feel like it's a bit much honestly."

Some drivers think the camera will catch people off guard, but police are going to issue warnings for the first month. In September, citations will be mailed out.

Merriweather says "They'll make money off it, not to say that's the motive. I don't know what it is, maybe for safety, but I come here everyday and haven't see one accident."

But those who have now seen this.. think it will make people think twice about running the light. Pope says, I'm sure it's going to make everyone more cautious."

Police say other cameras will be installed at problem intersections in the future, but those locations and dates have not been finalized.