Reduction in force at Hoover City Schools to be decided

Hoover's board of education is set to consider a reduction in force.{}Certain jobs are expected to be eliminated at Monday night's board meeting. In fact, even Hoover school board president Donna Frazier seemed caught off guard with the call for a reduction in force, a term she said she was unfamiliar with.{} Focus@4's Edward Burch has been following this story since we first got wind of it in mid-May.{}At the time, the school district's public relations coordinator said there were no plans for mass layoffs. Frazier said over the phone she learned about the possible reduction in force earlier this week. She maintains the term 'reduction in force' has never been used in her ten years on the school board. It's important to note, every school system in the state has a R.I.F. policy. It can be found in section 5.15.1 of Hoover City School's policy manual where a reduction in force is defined as -- "An unavoidable reduction in the work force beyond normal attrition due to decreased enrollment or shortage of revenues."Hoover has made it clear it already is tapping into its reserves.{}A representative with the state department of education says library aides are not funded under the AdvancEd accreditation standards that went into effect this fiscal year. If schools choose to do so, they must use local funding to pay for the positions. Focus@4 first got wind of these reductions last month when a Facebook friend alerted that her mother, a library assistant, in Hoover was being let go due to the budget crisis. Hoover public relations coordinator Jason Gaston, told me at the time, this was nothing out of the ordinary for the end of the school year. He went on to say this is the time of year when personnel moves typically are made and that Hoover City Schools are not cutting jobs due to a budget crisis.Gaston said, there have not been, nor are there any plans for mass layoffs. Gaston was unavailable for comment today. Every Hoover City School has at least one library aide, that means at least seventeen positions could be cut as of Monday night. School board meeting at 5:30 PM on Monday, June 9.