Reform man survives hit and run

{}{}{}{}20 year old David Rush says he's thankful to be alive.{} Late Friday night, Rush went to get his dog that had been hit on Highway 17 in front of his house.{} Rush ended up{}getting struck by{}a car himself.{} "It hit me right here. I jumped up. It was so low to the ground that if I had not of jumped it probably would have dragged me underneath it.," he said while showing his injuries.{} The car knocked Rush about 40 feet down the road, but the driver kept going.{} That's his greatest pain right now. "The fact that they just didn't stop and make sure I was alright."{}{}{}Another passerby found rush unconscious in the road.{} He was air lifted to DCH Hospital in Tuscaloosa.{} He has scars and bruises all over.{} A large part of his scalp was scraped off and he has to keep it bandaged.{} Rush says it bothers him that someone left him to die.{} "I'm just wanting them found. I mean, I wouldn't be as mad at them if they would have stopped 911 and made sure I was alright but they just kept going." {}{}{} Reform police confirm they are looking for the driver but they have few clues in the case.{} The only thing Rush remembers was the car had only one working headlight. "It had one busted head light because it only had one on."{}{}{}{}His mother says she realizes it was dark in the area and her son was in the road, but she believes whoever hit him should at-least have a heart to come forward and apologize.{}{}"It would be a different story. They may have still been in trouble because they hit somebody. But, not so much as hitting them and leaving them to die."