Residents concerned over Patton Chapel Road project

Your front yard sets your house a part.{}It gives it "curb appeal."That's why a lot of homeowners along Patton Chapel Road south in Hoover are up in arms. A Jefferson County road project is taking up large portions of their yard. This Jefferson County project is in its early stages. Temporary construction easement markers have been placed all along Patton Chapel Road south. The people{}I spoke with tell me, they are worried that these markers are an indication that large chunks of their property will be taken awayClay McCrackin has lived on Patton Chapel Road for the last 14 years. McCrackin tells me, he received a letter from Jefferson County saying they were zoning his yard for a temporary construction easement.{}"That's a whole lot of area, that's almost 40% of my front yard," says McCrackin. "We're all just curious as to why they are taking so much. It's really going to impact the property value. It's probably going to be about three years, is what they're saying,"Markers all along Patton Chapel have been placed by Jefferson County.{}Some of the markers come within a few feet of houses."It seems like there's going to be a sidewalk put in, across the street. There's rumor that more is going to happen after that: including turn lanes, and continuing some of the road progress down this way," McCrackin says.{}Melissa Williams is another frustrated homeowner.{} She says, "Having traffic that close to your front door cannot be safe, at all." The markers come within 8 feet of her front door.{}"If Patton Chapel is so busy that it needs a turn lane, why would we want to encourage foot traffic?" Williams has put together a group to protest the project.{}She says, "We're not going down without a fight. Our voices will be heard."Since this is a holiday, we could not reach anyone with Jefferson County for comment.{} A public meeting is scheduled for June 19 at the Hoover Municipal Building on Valleydale road. That meeting begins at 4:00 PM and will go until 7:00 PM..