Residents in Brookhaven Apartment are concerned about the sewage and bugs.

It's a problem that's been going on for more than a year. Darlene Lockett says she wasn't getting the response she needed from her apartment manager.

"I'm very upset," says Lockett. It's been a rough two years for Lockett, she says she's been dealing with electrical, pest infestation, health and plumbing issues in her two bedroom apartment with her 16 year old daughter. Lockett says, "I would say the sewage leak going on, I would say the smell is awful, I would say my carpet needs cleaning, and the sinks need to be replaced, the spiders and stuff need to be taken care of and the roaches need to be taken care of."

Lockett says because of the sewage problems spiders and roaches have invaded her home, to the point that her daughter was bitten. She took her complaints to the health department who acknowledged she has sewage problems.

We spoke with George Carter, the property manager for Brookhaven apartments in Tuscaloosa. He tells ABC 33/40 that typically there are sewage problems 2/3 times a year, but not 2/3 times a month. He says the city drains the sewage every time there's an issue, but he believes Lockett and others living at the apartment are clogging up the pipes.

"I don't know what she's doing, but were pretty convinced that she's putting stuff in the drain. All we've gotten out of the line is tremendous amount of grease and kotex normally," says Carter.

And as far as the bug bites, Carter says, "I don't know, I suspect if she has bites, its caused by something she's done."

Meantime, Lockett says she and her teenage daughter are forced to take baths in a pan, and that's because water in her tub backs up frequently. She says management has ignored and has not repaired her property.

Lockett says, "He's not doing his job, and we need help out here."

Lockett says she plans on moving out soon. The property manager says he's already started filing Lockett for an eviction notice because she didn't pay her rent.