Residents in Pell City still have discolored water

Carolyn Drummonds has been dealing with the issue for months. Drummonds says, "enough is enough." Drummonds is just one person in Pell city who says her water still has a bad odor and still looks brown. Drummonds says, "They're putting chemicals in it, to stop the bad odor the color and what is that going to do to our bodies."

She says the Alabama department of environmental management came out to her house a few weeks ago and they detected a high amount of lead in her water. She says she's even talked to the mayor about this issue that dates back since December.

She says the mayor isn't correcting the problem quick enough.

We caught up with up Mayor Bill Hereford, and asked him why the water is still discolored. Mayor Hereford says, "we're working on it, we've reduced it to the point where it's just a few folks, and we aint giving up on them."

Hereford says the number of people complaining about the water has decreased, but he takes a compassionate stance to those still dealing with the problem. Hereford says, "Our hearts still go out to anybody that still having a problem and we are going to continue to work on it."

But as the mayor continues to say that the water problem is getting better, residents like Drummonds say the problem is getting worse.

Drummonds says, "He keeps saying he's going to do something, he's going to correct this, well how long? How long is it going to take him to correct it? I mean this stuff has been going on since December, enough is enough..."

Pell city will hold a meeting about this issue on Monday at city hall the meeting starts at 5pm.