Group promotes peace at apartment complex in Center Point

One week following a deadly shooting at an apartment complex in Center Point, residents are speaking out about concerns of violence.

Keisha Lomax misses her friend and neighbor Ricky Jones.

"It shouldn't of happened."

Authorities say a relative shot and killed Jones at his Parkway Villa apartment last weekend.

Keyandra Roscoe says, "People are dying too early."

The shooting which deputies say resulted over an argument adds to a list of incidents Rev. Tommie Bailey says is making residents afraid.

Bailey says, "They don't know when someone is going to knock their door in."

Bailey is the Executive Director of a group called Peace in the Streets.

Members along with Lomax and other residents marched throughout the complex asking for peace.

Bailey says, "We want to see things change with the domestic violence. The rate is high. There are random break-ins, shootings and fighting out here. It's not just these apartments, it's surrounding apartments as well."

Parents now worry about their children's safety.

Roscoe says, "Can't let them come outside because I'm always worried about something."

This group is hoping to change that by urging neighbors to do the right thing and look out for each other.

Lomax says, "We got little children out here and we need to protect these little children and my 19 year old too.. he got in a fight a month ago and no one tried to stop them either."

The group plans on having a cook out at the apartment complex once a month to bring people closer and help with change.