"Restaurant Impossible" comes to Hueytown

A popular Food Network show is in town - giving new life to a restaurant that's been a staple in Hueytown. The show, "Restaurant Impossible" is filming at a local seafood restaurant, and the producers are letting the community get in on the action.Over 600 volunteers from around the metro area came to help rebuild Bryant's Seafood World off Allison Bonnett Dr. They've been cleaning, they've been remodeling, and most importantly, giving a boost to the area.{}Robert Irvine is known for breaking down the impossible and rebuilding restaurants in jeopardy.People in Hueytown say Bryant's Family Seafood World was the perfect fit."I've eaten here on and off for 25 years," Datha Whitfield, a volunteer said.Volunteers like Natalie are coming out because they love one of Food Network's most popular shows - plus they want to see Bryant's and their hometown thriving again."I think it's going to be a big huge boost to the economy to have this place coming back into shape, like what everybody remembered it to be," Wren said."We had to clean the kitchen out, move everything back, decide what needed to be thrown away," April Heaton, a volunteer said.'Refinishing the seating areas, putting down new flooring," Jeremy Atkinson, who's helping remodel said. "It's going to be a totally renovated building when we're finished."Everyone we found has eaten here but agree it needs a little t.l.c.{}"They really need to update," Whitfield said. "The carpet has not been changed in 25 years and the booths are torn, so we're wondering if Robert is going to give them a really hard time about that."...But with one request..."Don't change the hush puppies!" Whitfield said."The hush puppies are the best things about this place," Wren said. "Everybody says 'don't change the hush puppies!'""We are so excited!" Whitfield said. "All of my friends, we are so excited about trying it after Restaurant Impossible leaves just to see what changes they made. Everyone is just excited about it and can't wait to come visit!"The show's mission is to save restaurants, using a $10,000 budget. {}The newly renovated restaurant will reopen Thursday. No word yet on when the episode will air.