Results from AHSAA 5A state wrestling championship finals

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5A Team Results:

1.{}Arab{}144.02.{}Scottsboro{}130.03.{}Southside-Gadsden{}104.54.{}Benjamin Russell{}61.55.{}Pinson Valley{}58.06.{}McAdory{}54.07.{}Fort Payne{}49.08.{}Hayden{}39.09.{}Hartselle{}37.010.{}Muscle Shoals{}34.011.{}Athens{}33.012.{}Homewood{}29.013.{}Mortimer Jordan{}26.014.{}Center Point{}24.015.{}Brookwood{}19.016.{}Moody{}11.017.{}Shelby County{}6.018.{}Walker{}4.019.{}East Limestone{}1.019.{}Russell County{}1.021.{}Springville{}0.0Class 1A-4A Final Results

Class 6A Final Results

5A Individual Results

5A 106 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Arick Shankles of Scottsboro 2nd Place - Patrick Tenney of Pinson Valley 3rd Place - Braxton Worthington of Mortimer Jordan 4th Place - Joseph Green of Muscle Shoals 1st Place Match Arick Shankles (Scottsboro) 62-11, So. over Patrick Tenney (Pinson Valley) 57-7, Sr. (Maj 8-0). 3rd Place Match Braxton Worthington (Mortimer Jordan) 36-12, Fr. over Joseph Green (Muscle Shoals) 36-13, 8th. (Dec 5-4). 5A 113 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Nick Cater of Arab 2nd Place - Titus Worthen of Scottsboro 3rd Place - Landon Thompson of Southside-Gadsden 4th Place - Logan Smith of Hartselle 1st Place Match Nick Cater (Arab) 63-4, Fr. over Titus Worthen (Scottsboro) 47-13, Sr. (Pin 5:45). 3rd Place Match Landon Thompson (Southside-Gadsden) 30-17, 8th. over Logan Smith (Hartselle) 56-13, 8th. (Pin 3:28). 5A 120 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Bj Hayes of Arab 2nd Place - Hunter Flowers of Hayden 3rd Place - Abelardo Domingo of Fort Payne 4th Place - Patrick Richardson of Brookwood 1st Place Match Bj Hayes (Arab) 60-6, So. over Hunter Flowers (Hayden) 50-8, Jr. (OT 2-0). 3rd Place Match Abelardo Domingo (Fort Payne) 41-13, Sr. over Patrick Richardson (Brookwood) 25-8, Jr. (Pin 4:21). 5A 126 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - John david Henderson of Arab 2nd Place - Mardrell Kirby of Athens 3rd Place - Hank Turner of Pinson Valley 4th Place - Travis Norris of McAdory 1st Place Match John david Henderson (Arab) 61-0, Jr. over Mardrell Kirby (Athens) 51-8, So. (Pin 2:58). 3rd Place Match Hank Turner (Pinson Valley) 77-4, Fr. over Travis Norris (McAdory) 33-11, So. (Maj 11-2). 5A 132 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Trey Norris of McAdory 2nd Place - Devin Hester of Southside-Gadsden 3rd Place - Gavin Fuller of Benjamin Russell 4th Place - Lane Morrow of Arab 1st Place Match Trey Norris (McAdory) 53-5, Sr. over Devin Hester (Southside-Gadsden) 23-8, Sr. (Dec 9-2). 3rd Place Match Gavin Fuller (Benjamin Russell) 40-15, Sr. over Lane Morrow (Arab) 52-18, Jr. (Dec 3-0). 5A 138 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Brett Clark of Scottsboro 2nd Place - Chris Jones of Center Point 3rd Place - Danzell Little of McAdory 4th Place - Jacob Howse of Mortimer Jordan 1st Place Match Brett Clark (Scottsboro) 48-9, Fr. over Chris Jones (Center Point) 23-2, Jr. (Dec 1-0). 3rd Place Match Danzell Little (McAdory) 51-8, Jr. over Jacob Howse (Mortimer Jordan) 24-12, Sr. (OT 1-0). 5A 145 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Haden Ryals of Southside-Gadsden 2nd Place - Devante Stamps of Benjamin Russell 3rd Place - Jaquan Barber of Homewood 4th Place - Devonta Ravizee of Center Point 1st Place Match Haden Ryals (Southside-Gadsden) 38-2, Jr. over Devante Stamps (Benjamin Russell) 50-3, Sr. (2-OT 3-2). 3rd Place Match Jaquan Barber (Homewood) 26-4, Sr. over Devonta Ravizee (Center Point) 35-5, Sr. (Dec 5-1). 5A 152 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Chandler Sartain of Muscle Shoals 2nd Place - Chase Mcclure of Scottsboro 3rd Place - Noah Crocker of Homewood 4th Place - Andrew Parrish of Arab 1st Place Match Chandler Sartain (Muscle Shoals) 43-2, Sr. over Chase Mcclure (Scottsboro) 50-4, Sr. (OT 1-0). 3rd Place Match Noah Crocker (Homewood) 16-2, Sr. over Andrew Parrish (Arab) 34-20, So. (Maj 15-3). 5A 160 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Brandon Womack of Scottsboro 2nd Place - Tony Johnson of Arab 3rd Place - Raheem Harris of Muscle Shoals 4th Place - Chase Weeks of Shelby County 1st Place Match Brandon Womack (Scottsboro) 74-1, Jr. over Tony Johnson (Arab) 55-13, Sr. (Pin 5:10). 3rd Place Match Raheem Harris (Muscle Shoals) 24-17, Sr. over Chase Weeks (Shelby County) 32-8, Sr. (Dec 6-2). 5A 170 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Kade Kitchens of Southside-Gadsden 2nd Place - Nick Boyett of Scottsboro 3rd Place - Parker Sims of Hayden 4th Place - Deon Maxwell of Benjamin Russell 1st Place Match Kade Kitchens (Southside-Gadsden) 66-3, So. over Nick Boyett (Scottsboro) 56-10, Jr. (Maj 12-4). 3rd Place Match Parker Sims (Hayden) 59-13, Sr. over Deon Maxwell (Benjamin Russell) 27-22, Jr. (Maj 14-1). 5A 182 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Charles Chappell of Benjamin Russell 2nd Place - David Langston of Fort Payne 3rd Place - Lee Edge of Southside-Gadsden 4th Place - Griffin Dunn of Arab 1st Place Match Charles Chappell (Benjamin Russell) 42-4, Sr. over David Langston (Fort Payne) 42-8, Sr. (Maj 12-0). 3rd Place Match Lee Edge (Southside-Gadsden) 49-22, Jr. over Griffin Dunn (Arab) 42-18, So. (Dec 5-2). 5A 195 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Clint Bender of Hartselle 2nd Place - Bolton Patton of Athens 3rd Place - Anthony Scott of Hayden 4th Place - Colton Vandiver of Brookwood 1st Place Match Clint Bender (Hartselle) 44-13, Sr. over Bolton Patton (Athens) 48-11, Sr. (Pin 0:21). 3rd Place Match Anthony Scott (Hayden) 22-2, Sr. over Colton Vandiver (Brookwood) 27-9, Sr. (Dec 10-4). 5A 220 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jonathan Duke of Pinson Valley 2nd Place - Matthew Franko of Scottsboro 3rd Place - Ryan Harris of Arab 4th Place - Drew Wear of Fort Payne 1st Place Match Jonathan Duke (Pinson Valley) 36-4, So. over Matthew Franko (Scottsboro) 63-9, Jr. (Pin 1:01). 3rd Place Match Ryan Harris (Arab) 46-12, Sr. over Drew Wear (Fort Payne) 39-17, Sr. (Pin 2:45). 5A 285 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jacob Spencer of Arab 2nd Place - Austin Snyder of Southside-Gadsden 3rd Place - Tyler Holsomback of McAdory 4th Place - Trey Kinney of Moody 1st Place Match Jacob Spencer (Arab) 54-7, So. over Austin Snyder (Southside-Gadsden) 52-10, Sr. (Dec 7-3). 3rd Place Match Tyler Holsomback (McAdory) 39-8, Sr. over Trey Kinney (Moody) 34-20, Jr. (Pin 1:45).