Retired Educators

If you want to get to know an energetic involved group of people.... You may want to attend the next meeting of the Alabama Education Retirees Association.

I was recently honored to be asked to speak before the group of 750 members from across the state.


These are people who are still involved in helping to further education in our state. They quite often volunteer in schools and help to tutor students.

Getting a chance to sit down and have lunch and talk with some of the members was enlightening. Our teachers I realize are a huge part of our history. Our retired teachers are a rich resource of knowledge, wisdom and history.

We talked about life over the decades and how life has changed in many ways, but stayed the same in others.

We talked about how many of people in that group stood up for the civil rights of their friends and neighbors in decades past.

Intelligent, educated and still in love with learning. If you want to have an educational, enlightening and heart warming visit.... Take a retired teacher for a cup of coffee... And remember to thank that teacher for helping to shape our lives.

In fact I have to thank a teacher for helping to shape me as a news anchor. I was the little girl who was so shy in first grade, it was almost painful for me to talk. But it was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Conley ( I can still see her kind face in my mind) who helped me overcome being shy.

Thank you Mrs. Conley and thank you retired teachers for what you have meant to our world.

A big thank you to the Alabama Education Retirees Association...... What a wonderful group.

I was impressed with their commitment to others.