Retired police officers to be placed at Cullman schools

Since December's tragedy at Sandy Hook, school systems and law enforcement have been scrambling to find a way to tighten security. It's expensive to keep an officer at every school every day, but schools and police in Cullman just found a way to do it together.

In the coming weeks, a retired police officer will be stationed at all five city schools. Currently, a police officer is keeping watch, but{}the city and school board wanted to come up with a plan that wouldn't burden law enforcement.

"We would be in charge of the training, arming, vehicles and radios," said Cullman Mayor Max Townson. "My job is the safety and the welfare of the people of this community, so I always have to be open minded about that because I don't want to see workers hurt on the job and I don't want to see citizens hurt."

The city's cost to keep security at schools for the remainder of the school year is more than $40,000. The school board is paying for salaries and benefits, which adds up to more than $38,000.

Interviews will be conducted Monday, and{}the plan is scheduled to be in place in the coming weeks.