Ride 4 Gabe, quest for a cure

{}A quest to help a Shelby County boy begins Monday morning.{}Cyclists will ride cross-country, to share "Gabe Griffin's" story. Gabe suffers from a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Duchenne. His family wants approval for a drug to fight the disease. A motorhome and suburban with Gabe's picture on it will head to Oregon. That's where two cyclists will begin riding 3300 miles back to Alabama. Duchenne is the number one genetic killer of boys in the world. The long trip could mean a longer life for Gabe and others. "Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama." Ride 4 Gabe is about to turn some heads at least, that's the hope. Michael Staley says, "If you look at what Gabe is going through and think about the journey he faces, then think about riding a bike 3300 miles is not a big deal." "We're setting out to raise awareness about a disease a lot of people haven't heard of called Duchenne." Scott Griffin says his son Gabe was born with it. He isn't expected to live past 20. "Every day that goes by, Gabe's getting weaker. He doesn't know he's dying." "There's a drug out there that can help save these boys and we want to make that a loud and clear message of this trip." Griffin says clinical trials have shown it minimizes the disease. "For about 18 months we've been pursuing the FDA and we've been going to DC a lot a lobby for the drug." He also plans on advocating the 'Right to Try" law passed in Colorado, which gives patients with terminal diseases access to drugs not approved by the FDA. Griffin and others hope this pursuit will get some wheels turning. "I can't put a band-aid on this or fix it, but what{}I can do is fight for him at all the levels I possibly can, which means Congress, Senate. FDA, Obama."{}Griffin says 100, 000 have people signed a white house petition to accelerate fda approval of the drug treating Duchenne.{}Other volunteers are helping drive and document the journey.{}Ride 4 Gabe hopes the Alabama Cycling Community will join them when they return to Alabama.

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The team will depart from Highland Lakes at 7am Tuesday.

Ride 4 Gabe will end in Mobile in mid-August.