Rising tuition costs have students and parents worried

The price tag for a college education in Alabama has gone up every year for seven straight years. Rising tuition at the University of Alabama and UAB didn't come as a shock to parents and students, but it's leaving them with serious concerns about debt after graduation.{} For Alabama residents, yearly school cost in Tuscaloosa - including room and board- is now around $26,000 - just slightly less than Auburn costs. For UAB and UA students, in-state prices are going up $188 per semester. Out of state - it's around $500 more. Rising costs have students and parents worried. "Going to school is hard enough but just to know you have to pay more money - it can be stressful," Joshua Smith, a UAB Junior said.This year, tuition at state schools is going up for the 7th year in a row.{} Click image to enlarge. "When you hear tuition costs going up, it's going up everywhere - it's ridiculous," Jasmine Hodges, a UAB Junior said. "You think of our parents - they paid $500 for a year, $3,000 for a year and then $3,000 was on the expensive end. Hearing now, my books alone cost $3,000. You have to worry about housing and meal plans." "I'm going to try to go to a health professional school and that's going to be even more debt," Smith said. "Hopefully I'll be able to pay it off by working but it's definitely something I think about. I try to work while I go to school so I try to balance it out.""I don't know any parent any friend of mine who has not had their children have to have loans to go to school," Crin Rutherford, a parent said.Soon to be UAB Freshmen and their parents arrived on campus Friday for orientation, financing is a top concern.{} "College is very expensive," Rutherford said. "We applied for scholarships and more scholarships." "Since middle school I've been on my A game in preparation for scholarships because I know they are so important and there's such a limited amount of scholarships," Jaylah Cosby, a UAB incoming Freshman said."Once you've graduated from college and entering the workforce I don't think it's fair to students to start off with that large amount of debt," LaToya Cosby, a parent said.Here are links for a breakdown in the costs:{}