River won't crest until at-least Saturday

Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa. (

{}{}{}{} The U.S. Corp of Engineers office in Tuscaloosa County does not expect the Black Warrior River to crest until sometime this weekend.

{}{}{}{}{} Given the rain continued Wednesday, first responders were sending out warnings as the water covered Manderson Landing at River Road Park.{}{}Benches where people normally sit to view and enjoy the water were submerged.{} Officials say it's important not to walk and drive in areas that are covered with water or just recently receded.{} "Probably 50 to a 100 feet away...that's a good safe zone and that way there's no accident . Sometimes the roadways and banks and stuff have been compromised because all the rain and the saturated ground we have now," said Lt. Marty McElroy - a Water Operations Coordinator with Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue.

{}{}{}{}{} The Oliver Lock and Dam is a test point for many in the county.{} Many say once they see water covering the Spill-Way as it was most of the day Wednesday, they know more water could cover more roads in low lying areas.

{}{}{}{}{} The Corp of Engineers says the river that runs through Demopolis may{}crest late Saturday.