Road clearing progressing, still a lot of work to do

Brian Davis with ALDOT reports that crews worked all nighton the roads.{} The real push for clearingand treating started at 3AM and continued until about 6:30AM.{} People heeded the warnings and stayed home andoff the roads allowing ALDOT crews the opportunity to continue treating andclearing the roadways.{} Work willcontinue until about 11AM.{}

With the assistance of State Troopers, ALDOT crews were ableto drive the wrong way on interstates and other roadways which enabled crews totreat and clear roads.

A major concern is I-20 eastbound in St. Clair County.{} Crews are driving East on the westbound sidebecause of the low traffic volume which is allowing for faster treatment.

Brian Davis is asking that people consider travel to workafter the lunch hour.{} The treatment andwarmer temperatures will allow for safer travel.

According to Davis, ALDOT crews will begin working on sideroads as soon as they can.{}

Also, ALDOT, for safety reasons, had to move several abandonedvehicles from the roadways.{} If yourvehicle was moved for safety reasons ALDOT will assume the cost.