Road crews prep for cold and snow


The talk of central Alabama today was the weather and even though the metro area dodged a second round of Winter gridlock- there could still be some concerns for drivers. The salt trucks are ready....{}"We started out {}this morning putting all the salt brine on bridges around Jefferson County," Brian Davis, ALDOT said.So are the bridges..."We always start on interstates, that's our highest priority," Davis said. "When we get the interstates in decent shape, then we start going to state routes second."... Even the drivers on them."I was in Tuscaloosa," Harrison Holbrook, a driver said."It was just pouring down snow."Local school systems...'We want to be sure we get kids home as safely as we can, as quickly as we can," Susan Hyatt, Assistant Principal, Riverchase Middle School said.... Had the same idea."We would rather get them home with their parents because I know it was a great stressor for the parents," Holbrook said. "We had lots of parent phone calls."But, is it too much?{}"I think they are just trying to overcompensate for their underpreparation last week and make sure all their checks are marked for this week," Chelsea Lovett, a driver said.While thankfully Thursday's Winter weather threat didn't pan out quite like last week's storm.."I had to drive through that. It was terrible," Lindsay Crocker, a driver said.... Most felt like it was better to be ready just in case.{}"It's barely going to snow but I guess they would rather be safe than sorry," Kylee Mitchell, a driver said. "I slept in a school and it wasn't fun. I don't think anyone wants to do that again.""Bridges are another scenario and that's why we're treating bridges today," Davis said. "My hope is that by 9:00 tonight all the moisture is out of here and we're all ok and we can all go to bed tonight knowing that Friday morning is going to be a normal day. But I just couldn't gamble on that - particularly in light of what we had happen last week."Davis says the next big concern is Friday night. Engineers will be watching the weather all day tomorrow to see if the temperature gets above freezing. The good news is that most of the salt mixture they put down today will still be effective over the weekend in case patches of ice form.