Robbery suspect shoots and kills himself after standoff and school lock down

{}A robbery suspect shoots and kills himself after a long standoff and school lock down. Calhoun County deputies spent hours negotiating with Michael Bresley. The Sheriff says that he robbed a woman at her home.Calhoun County deputes tell us the call went out about 9 this morning. A man and woman robbed a woman at gunpoint at her home - then drove off. The chase started at the Highway 78 Winn Dixie. What followed was a school lock down and nearly five hour standoff.{}Sheriff Larry Amerson says the suspects took off through the woods behind Winn Dixie. They were able to catch the woman but couldn't find the suspect Michael Bresley. {}"After our k9's searched we then deployed this armored personnel carrier and drove it in the bushes back and forth trying to see if we could locate him," Sheriff Larry Amerson said.Deputies caught up to Bresley along Taylor Chapel Road.{}"He put the handgun he had with him to his mouth," Sheriff Amerson said. "We then began negotiations.""So you're standing looking at this guy with a gun who's already pointed at a victim earlier," Amerson said. "The things he said - 'I'm not going back to prison. I'm going to die today.'"Coldwater Elementary School went on lock down to protect students and at least one home with small children was evacuated. {}"The deputies thought they had an opportunity to disarm him, they fired the less lethal. It knocked him down but when he fell, he put the fun back to his chest and shot himself," Amerson said."It's a traumatic experience for everyone involved," Sheriff Amerson said. "Certainly we wanted it to end another way."The woman involved will face burglary charges. Bresley's remains are being sent off for an autopsy.{}Sheriff Amerson says Bresley served three years of a 20 year sentence for over 50 burglaries in areas around Calhoun County. Deputies found even more stolen property at his home.