Rogers wants bed money to go into Cooper Green's indigent care fund

Senator John Rogers claims the Jefferson County Commission is not following the federal consent decree when it comes to letting workers go at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital.

Rogers also claims that the commission's plans to sell 14 beds at the hospital for $11,000 each should be money that goes back into the hospital's indigent care fund.

"Those beds are worth at least $50,000," Rogers said. "They want to sell them anyway, so you're talking about a rummage sale. But, I want to remind them of one thing, if they sell one piece of property in this hospital, that money goes right back to the indigent care fund and it can not go to the general fund budget."

Rep. Mary Moore was also at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital, Thursday. She openly called the media out on "not doing homework" on the hospital. She says the media exploits the "he said, she said" that the county commission talks about.

"This ain't about no he said, she said situation," Moore said. "What we're talking about is facts and what we're talking about is people's lives. It's not you come and ask us our opinion and we give you our opinion...we researched the information we give you. The he said, she said keeps the media going and you keep your ratings up and that's not what we're here for."

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