A future for rottweilers who were ordered to be euthanized

19 of the 28 rottweilers seized from a house in Leeds after two other dogs killed a man, are one step closer to finding a new home.

The dogs were loaded up at the Birmingham-Jefferson Animal Control Friday afternoon.{} They were taken to Crossroads Animal Hospital on Highway 280 and a Chelsea animal hospital.{}

The dogs are undergoing any medical treatment needed.{} They also are being evaluated ahead of going to a "forever home."

A judge had ordered all 33 dogs seized from the house to be euthanized.{} That decision was reversed for 28 of the dogs after they passed temperament testing.{} The remaining five dogs had to be put down.

This drama unfolded on September 20, 2012.{} 85-year old Donald Thomas went to check his mail on Weaver Avenue in Leeds.{} Two rottweilers from his neighbors house attacked and killed him.{} Thomas' wife found him at the scene.{} She called police.{} When officers arrived to the scene, they killed the two dogs who attacked Mr. Thomas.