Royal says Bell handled All-America City poorly

Birmingham City Council President, Roderick Royal. (

Birmingham City Council President, Roderick Royal, says he has a problem with how Mayor William Bell handled the recent All-America City award.

The award was given to the city by the National Civic League. It was the first time in four decades the Magic City has gotten the recognition.

Royal says the council was left in the dark when it came to what the mayor was trying to accomplish with the recent honor.

Royal says he wants the council to have more involvement when it comes to the honors the city is seeking.

"Nobody from the council was in or on the All-America City award," Royal said. "As was the congressional nomination. That's all I said. Now, the facts bare that out."

Mayor Bell says it was not intentional.

"Each time that we receive an award, I always say 'Thanks to the council support', because at the end of the day, we can't do anything unless you all vote for the funds," Bell said.

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