Royal wants more help for Pratt City tornado aftermath

Birmingham City Council President, Roderick Royal. (

Birmingham City Council President, Roderick Royal, says he has a problem with the ongoing tornado aftermath cleanup in Pratt City.

Royal says vacant lots continue to be ignored and the city has to do a better job of cleaning and cutting those properties.

Many of the lots are from people who used to live there, but have moved away since the 2011 tornado. Royal says Mayor William Bell has called for a $2.5 million increase to help fund the cost of the lot cuts. If this were to pass in the upcoming 2014 budget, Royal says the city would be on a 10-month hiring freeze.

"The mayor has said once he gets this additional $2.5 million that he's going to get on it," Royal said. "So, we'll have to hold him to that. I think that's the way to do it."

Cutting lots and right-of-ways is a constant effort from the city of Birmingham.

In the past week, the city has cut more than 200 miles of rights-of-ways and 97 vacant lots. It has also cleaned 44 ditches, 23 alleys and removed more than 112 tons of garbage and trash and more than 411 tons of wood at the New Georgia Landfill. More than 2,445 tons of garbage and trash were disposed of at the Eastern Area Landfill.