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      Saban doesn't want DBs eyeballing Johnny Manziel

      Nick Saban doesn't want his defensive backs watching Johnny Manziel even if almost everyone else is.

      Top-ranked Alabama's coach says he told his players if they want to watch a quarterback, turn on a Sunday NFL game but don't do it Saturday against Manziel and the sixth-ranked Aggies.

      Saban says, "if you start watching this guy in our game, you're going to get busted."

      Saban stressed discipline as a key to defending Manziel and said Tide defenders have to faithfully abide by "scramble rules" in adjusting as receivers change their routes when he is on the move.

      Tide safety Vinnie Sunseri says a big message received from last year's meeting is: "Don't take your eye off your man or coach Saban's going to kill you."