Saks man missing after release from hospital following wreck

An Anniston-area family needs help finding a loved one.Judy Campbell said she last talked to her youngest brother, 42-year-old Roy Pelfrey, about 2 p.m. June 10.{} She later learned he was in a car wreck a few hours later in Munford.A helicopter took Pelfrey to UAB Hospital for treatment.{} Campbell said hospital staff would not provide any details about her brother's injuries, but said he was discharged Tuesday night.The family did not find out about the wreck until Thursday.{} Campbell said a friend who works for a local law enforcement agency saw an accident report and informed her."We went over to [Roy's] house after the phone call last week and the house was standing wide open, the fans and lights on," she said.Pelfrey's truck was in the driveway.{} It was not the vehicle involved in the wreck.{} Campbell said she is trying to find information about the crash.The family also found Pelfrey's wallet in the house.{} They said paramedics told them the man in the wreck had no form of identification but told them he was Roy Pelfrey.Campbell said Roy, the youngest of her four brothers, has no history of mental or physical disability.{} She wonders what happened after his discharge from the hospital."We're just concerned because what if he had got some medication on the helicopter and he's confused?{} [What if] he don't know where he's at," she said."We just want peace that he's okay."She posted her brother's picture and story on Facebook yesterday and it had about 400 shares by Tuesday evening.Contact ABC 33/40 if you have any information about Roy Pelfrey's location.