Salary confusion concerning new Talladega jobs

Last Wednesday,3,000 people turned out for the first 50 jobs at M-Tek planned facility in Talladega. The turnout may have caught many by surprise, but some job applicants and Talladega city leaders were even more surprised when they found out the starting pay for many of the jobs was $8 dollars an hour.

"The economic development authority made a presentation to the council. There was a question about the salaries, the answer was $14-$15 range," said city manager Brian Muenger.{}Factoring in higher paid management positions, the answer was supposed to be the average salary is $14-$15.{} A big miscommunication that got{}all around town and beyond.{}In April, the city council and city manager signed off on a tax abatement deal.It calls for{}a{}10 year abatement on non-educational property taxes to lure the Honda supplier to{}the Coosa Valley Industrial Park. Some city councilors are reportedly disappointed; city councilman Horace Patterson referred comment to the city manager's office.{}"We are very concerned this was misrepresented or not represented clearly," said the city manager.{}Muenger{}went on to say the revelation would not have changed his support for the project and the incentive package to grab M-Tek.{}"We do not abate based on individual salaries."{}In the tax abatement agreement ,annual pay roll at M-Tek will start at ${}2.25 million and be{} $7.8 million at year 3.{}"{}I'm still very thrilled, in this economy, to have an employer deciding to locate in Talladega," said Muenger