Salmonella in dog food sickens 14 people across US

      COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Federal health officials say at least 14

      people in nine states have been

      infected with salmonella by

      handling tainted dog food.

      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said no deaths

      have been reported, but at least

      five people have been

      hospitalized. The pet food was made at Diamond Pet Foods' plant in

      Gaston, S.C.

      The company said no pets were sickened but declined to comment


      Health officials say people can get salmonella by handling

      infected dog food, then not washing

      their hands before eating or

      handling their own food.

      The South Carolina plant was shut down April 7 and food made

      there has been recalled. Diamond

      Pet Foods paid a $3.1 million

      settlement after a toxic mold in its pet food killed dozens of dogs

      in 2005.

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