Scales claims Mayor Bell is showing favoritism among districts

"We're not asking for anything differently than what every district in the city has already asked for," Birmingham City Councilor, LaShunda Scales said.

Scales is confused.

"Why is it that we're struggling to get city support," she said. "I just don't understand."

She's claiming that Mayor William Bell and his office aren't providing the same city services for her district that it does for others.

In chambers, Tuesday, Scales showed a video. On it, was her original request on May 29th for city assistance for her upcoming event, The Third Annual District One Music and Movies Festival. The video also showed other events in other districts all being helped by city resources, like police, fire and public works. She says it's not fair.

ABC 33/40 reporter Bryant Somerville asked Scales if she thought Bell was playing favorites.

"Let's just say the proof is in the tasting of the pudding," she said.

Council President Roderick Royal agrees with Scales.

"I'm just also adding my appeal to [Bell] to expedite your decision so that the council member can go forward as other council members have," he said.

Scales says Bell did send her a notice that her request was forwarded to Chief of Police A. C. Roper, but says she heard nothing else. When she asked again, she says Bell told her it was a budget issue.

"We're just at a point now that we're saying, listen, we are a part of the city of Birmingham," she said. "We are not a step-child. We're tax paying people and we do want city support," Scales said.