School board president comments on alleged illegal residence

{} {} Birmingham school board president Edward Maddox is speaking out about a court document showing he lives outside Birmingham city limits.{} A{}'findings of fact' document included in a school board injunction ruling says lives in Trussville. {}By law, Birmingham school board members must live in Birmingham. {}The document says Maddox{}owns a rental property in Birmingham, but does not live there.{} {}ABC 33/40 went to the Birmingham property, and was met there by Maddox. {}He{}showed us a homestead court document which listed the date when he b ought the house. {}He say she does live there, but{}does own a house in Trussville. {}Maddox maintains that his wife lives in that house, and the two of them are separated.{} {} State SUperintendent Tommy Bice says because Maddox is an elected official, this city must look into the residence issue.